Brand Identity, Geometric Graphics & else

Hello, my name is Eko Eddi Sucipto, and this is my official personal website. I'm a brand identity designer, with more than 22 years experience.

I am currently working on a branding agency, also working on my own personal project, and some collaborative projects.

I do a lot of things that become my biggest passion: brand identity. At other times I would really enjoy creating geometric graphics, seamless patterns, system icons, as well as typography.

I work on logo, brand identity and brand communication with many clients in many areas. Apartment, hotel, resort, online store, NGO, college, even a city.

I'm open for some challenging and collaborative projects. Especially in accordance with my expertise: Geometric Pattern, Seamless Pattern and Typography or some experimental projects.

Simply contact me:


fb/tw/ig/line: @ecodezign

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